"Son Of Dust"

Son Of Dust

Track listing

1. Traffic
2. Down
3. Dr Wishbone
4. Number 37
5. Big Thing
6. The Walker
7. Morning Sun
8. Face The Truth
9. The Boy With The Headlight Eyes
10. Medusa Shades
11. Hold On

Debut album: "Clear Blue Skies"

Clear Blue Skies

Track listing

1. Snakes & Ladders MP3 (56s, 331k)
2. Mercy 17
3. Happy Man MP3 (21s, 125k)
4. Maybe You're Lonely
5. Trinity MP3 (41s, 240k)
6. Stare At The Sun
7. Waiting For Your Lies MP3 (35s, 206k)
8. Wasp In Autumn
9. Move On MP3 (25s, 147k)
10. Storm Warning MP3 (49s, 289k)
11. Temptation MP3 (42s, 245k)


The album was recorded in the legendary Pathway Studios, where John Cale, Elvis Costello, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Dire Straits all made their first records. By using flattery and promising not to ever work past nine o'clock at night they managed to persuade Michael Finesilver, the Svengali of the 8-track, to record and mix the album.

Most of the tracks were recorded solely by the band in one or two takes with few overdubs, but two other musicians made welcome contributions:

The album was initially released in late January 2000 through Recognition/Universal in the UK and on the Hypertension label in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Obtaining the CDs

Send a cheque for £10.99 per CD made payable to "The Gliders" to: The Gliders
PO Box 178
TN12 5ZW
United Kingdom
Please allow 21 days for delivery.