The Gliders

The Gliders are Andy Taylor, Sean Lyons and Morris Windsor.

Andy and Sean write all the songs.

They started to write together after discovering a mutual love of Leadbelly and swamp music.

Andy Taylor

As lead vocalist with The Jazz Devils, Andy wrote and produced two albums for Virgin, the second one with guitarist Robbie Blunt recorded in Philadelphia, USA. After leaving the band he spent the next couple of years travelling through the heartland of the deep South, sitting in with bar bands and amassing a great collection of rare blues and cajun recordings.

As a harmonica player Andy has recently worked with Neil Finn, playing on his version of "I Can See Clearly Now", featured in the film Antz.

Returning to England after one too many scrapes (including being caught up in a bank siege in San Antonio) he met Sean with whom he instantly struck up a deep musical rapport, and it seemed a good idea to form a band that could fit into the boot of a Trabant and yet still have the power and rhythm of a V8.

Sean Lyons

Sean has played guitar with such diverse artists as George Clinton, Robyn Hitchcock and Brian Kennedy, toured in '98 with French star Patricia Kaas and even played banjo on "5-6-7-8" by Steps (a career high?). He has collaborated with Stewart Copeland on work included in Rumblefish and Highlander 3 amongst other films, and David Bowie recorded one of his first songs "Criminal World" on the "Let's Dance" album.

Morris Windsor

Morris is a founder member of The Soft Boys and The Egyptians, writing and playing on over 20 albums and extensively touring both the UK and USA where the band became darlings of college radio. Morris says "I was still reeling from 18 years of being in a cult when I got the call..." His versatility, subtle power and love of indie dance music made him the obvious choice of drummer for The Gliders.

Michael Stipe of REM said of Morris: "I have never heard a more musical drummer. He can define a song using no words and no melody."